AIT and What to Expect

Since there do not seem to be any websites about AIT and first duty assignments, I have decided to put together this page to answer some of the questions I frequently get.  Also, see below for links to AIT schools.

Advanced Individual Training (AIT) is where you will learn the skills for your MOS.  Some AITs are actually combined with basic training and are called One Station Unit Training (OSUT).  This just means that your BT training and your AIT training will be conducted on the same post, while you are in the same company and with the same set of drill sergeants who will also be in your MOS.  Some of the MOSs that come to mind that have OSUT include Infantry, Armor, Artillery and Military Police.

Since the AIT courses are spread out throughout the US on different posts with different training programs, your liberties and living conditions will vary widely.  Some MOSs will see two man rooms with an attached bath, sort of like a dorm room, others will see barracks life not much different from BT!  Most of the combat MOSs will have living conditions similar to BT.  As far as liberties go, AITs are split up into phases, just like BT.  You will gradually get more and more freedom the longer you are there.  These freedoms are not automatic though; they have to be earned by hard work and good behavior.  Some of the longer AITs (such as some of the Military Intelligence MOSs) even allow you to bring a car and other such privileges.  In any case, you'll find in AIT that you will get passes here and there for a few hours, most on-post.  If you are lucky, you will see some overnight off-post passes also.  You must remember that in AIT, you are still considered a trainee in a training environment and will still have lots of restrictive rules to follow (ie no alcohol), plus there are regulations against other soldiers stationed at that post in interacting with trainees.

Since many new recruits ask questions about being stationed overseas, I will briefly talk about that also.  Going overseas is a great way to see the world!  Most new soldiers who hated their overseas assignment were those who stayed in their barracks during their off-duty time, never bothered to learn the language, stayed drunk and partied with other "barracks rats" and constantly complained about it.  It's no wonder they were miserable.  I suggest you make a real effort to go out and see the country (even if it's just off post), take a basic language course, go to events and places off-post to interact with the locals and to have a positive attitude.  Get together with other soldiers who "know the ropes" and who are like-minded.  Take advantage of the MANY trips and tours that are planned for soldiers at low cost.

More information on moving in the military and your first duty station can be found here.

AIT Posts:

Military Intelligence - Ft Huachuca, AZ (MOS 33W, 96 and 97 Series MOS) also
Discussion on AIT at Ft Huachuca on
and see Student Information to get specifics on your course

Quartermaster (43M and 57E MOS, 77 and 92 Series MOS) - Ft Lee, VA

Infantry/Special Forces - Ft Benning, GA ( Infantry Training Brigade, 11 Series MOS), note:  18X will attend Infantry OSUT Training

Combat Engineer - Ft Leonard Wood, MO  (12 Series MOS)

Construction Engineer - Ft Leonard Wood, MO/Sheppard AFB TX/Gulfport NS MS (62 Series, 51 Series except 51M, 52G, 68H, 31L - Engineer Construction and Interservice Training)

Military Police - Ft Leonard Wood, MO (95 Series MOS)

Chemical - Ft Leonard Wood, MO (54B MOS)

Transportation - Ft Leonard Wood, MO (88M MOS)

Field Artillery - Ft Sill, OK (13 Series MOS) 

Armor and Cavalry - Ft Knox, KY (19 Series MOS) - OSUT/Cavalry Scout and 19K Armor Crewman (1st BN, 2nd BN, 3rd BN).    Also read Scott Stalker's
19 K OSUT Page and Letters Home.

Air Defense Artillery - Ft Bliss, TX .  Also stop by PJ's ADA site.

Adjutant General (MOS 27D,  56M, 71L, 73 & 75 Series) , Chaplain and Finance - Ft Jackson, SC - Adjutant General and Chaplains and Finance .  Also see
Student Guide for Legal and Admin MOSs
and 369th AG for 71, 73 and 75 Series MOSs

Aviation - Ft Rucker, AL

Aviation Logistics - Ft Eustis, VA 

Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG) - Charlottesville, VA  (Officers Only)

Ordnance - Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD - Ordnance Mechanical Maintenance School (44, 45, 52 and 63 Series MOS). Also visit an AIT diary

Ordnance - Redstone Arsenal, AL - Ordnance Munitions and Missile Center School (27 and 35 Series, 39B MOS)

Signal - Ft Gordon, GA (25 and 31 Series MOS)

Medical - Ft Sam Houston, TX - 91A   91D   91W

Diver - Ft Leonard Wood, MO - MOS 00B

Civil Affairs/Psychological Operations - Ft Bragg, NC (MOS 37F, 38A) Note:  Also MOS Training for 18 Series upon completion of selection

Armed Forces School of Music (02 Series MOS) - Norfolk, VA

Public Affairs at the Defense Information School - Ft Meade, MD (46 Series MOS)

Firefighter 51M MOS, Dept of Defense Fire Academy - Goodfellow AFB, TX

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