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Shipping home after BCT
Posted by Zed on 9/18/2002, 8:58 am
Hey all,I've enlisted in the National Guard and ship for BCT in October. I will not go for AIT until June 2003. When I graduate from BCT how do I get back home. Will I be given a plane ticket and a ride to the airport right after graduation or is it my responsibility to arrange my own travel. Will I have to travel home in uniform or can I change back to my civilian clothes? Thanx.

Re: Shipping home after BCT
Posted by RAM on 9/18/2002, 5:03 pm , in reply to "Shipping home after BCT"
The Army arranges for your transportation both to and from BT/AIT. If you have any problems, there will be a National Guard liaison at your BT post to help you. If you are off duty, you can your civilian clothes. The only transportation the Army doesn't cover is going home for Christmas, since this is voluntary, but they will get you to your airport or bus station.

Re: Shipping home after BCT
Posted by Romulusguy on 9/18/2002, 10:51 pm , in reply to "Re: Shipping home after BCT"
I am in the ARNG as well, and levae for Leonard Wood October 8th. That puts my graduation on December 20th. WIll i be sent home THAT DAY, or the next? What is usual? Also, I wont be on duty, but I want to be welcomed at the air-port by friend and family in my full class A uniform, since most, if not EVERYONE, will not be able to go to my graduation. Is this allowed, or appropriate?-PFC McAfee

Re: Shipping home after BCT
Posted by RAM on 9/18/2002, 11:26 pm , in reply to "Re: Shipping home after BCT"
I don't know, but I'm sure you will find out well in advance, at BT. You should have enough time to tell the people back home. SInce you graduate right around exodus, I don't know if that will screw up their normal schedule. You should check with the NG Liaison at Ft. Wood.

Leave after OSUT
Posted by Brent on 9/18/2002, 11:50 am
According to a publication I read on Ft. Leonard Wood's website, we get 10 days leave if going to a stateside location and 14 days if going overseas. Then it said that if you take EXODUS leave, you don't get this leave. How can this be so? My recruiter explained to me that it's just a technicality because the unit that I'll be going to in Europe will be the one setting the date of my arrival, giving me plenty of time to move after I leave basic. I kinda got what he was saying but I'm not sure. Can anyone clarify?

Re: Leave after OSUT
Posted by RAM on 9/18/2002, 4:58 pm , in reply to "Leave after OSUT"
When you are on active duty, including OSUT, you accrue leave points at a rate of 2.5 days per month served. You start with 0. If you take exodus leave, they count this as leave time against you. If you have only been in a couple months, you will only have 5 or so days worth of leave built up, so you will end up "being in the hole" as far as leave. The BT/OSUT exodus is generaly the only time you will be allowed to go on leave for more days than you have earned. Therefore, you will have to serve at your initial duty station for a few months before you can take leave again. Remember that your first couple of months' leave points will be forefited to make up for the extra days of leave you take at exodus. Yes, I agree, that sucks. This is a main reason why many privates choose not to go on exodus at BT.

Re: Leave after OSUT
Posted by RT on 9/19/2002, 8:45 am , in reply to "Leave after OSUT"
It says this because you can't go too much "in the hole", ie negative leave. You can't have your cake and eat it too! It would take months for you to work your way back above zero! It has nothing to do with when your gaining unit says you can report, it has to do with how much leave you have. There are PCSing soldiers who would love to take 30+ days of leave, but it just isn't going to happen if they don't have their leave saved up.

Married couple program
Posted by Briar on 9/18/2002, 8:58 pm
What is the truth about the Married couples program? I have heard many different stories. I am going in the administration (not sure just where...) and he is a 19D (Cav scout).

Re: Married couples program
Posted by RT on 9/19/2002, 8:42 am , in reply to "Married couple program"
I was in the program. If you are married and want to at least try to stay with your spouse, this is the ticket. See below for the link for more info. Now with that said, it's the "needs of the Army" that will determine where you are stationed. My husband and I spent three years apart..partly because we just couldn't get a slot at the same post at that time and partly because he was in schools part of the time and so was I. If you look at the link below, about 82% of couples were stationed together (at the time of that report)...and who knows why the remaining were not together. Just keep that in mind and don't automatically think because you are in the program, you will always be together. I think it surely helps if one is admin and the other is combat. The Admin MOSs are more spread out and most can be found on every post. Also when you are lower enlisted, there are more slots available. When you start moving up into supervisory slots, then you may run into problems with only so many jobs on each post, but it can be worked out. I've had friends who were stationed at posts near each other and they would live halfway in between each post and have long commutes..not an ideal situation, but you try to make it work.

(no subject)
Posted by Shannon on 9/19/2002, 12:48 pm
My boyfriend is in Basic at Ft. Leonard Wood and he finishes in November, he has three days off then starts AIT at the same base. Since I am not a relative am I allowed to sign him off base? If I cannot, can he at least see me during the day and then sleep on base?

Re: (no subject)
Posted by RT on 9/19/2002, 5:24 pm , in reply to "(no subject)"
Please go to the Top 20 Questions at the bottom. Lots of good graduation info for you. You won't be able to sign him out overnight (unless his mom or dad come and they sign him out), but he will be able to spend all his free time being with you. That's worth something too:-))

Question about the Army Reseves
Posted by ArmyGuysGirl on 9/20/2002, 2:10 am
Hi my BF left a week ago. I am going crazy missing him, I was wanting to know what happends after basic? And how often does he have to go back for training? Thanks Very Much for your time.

Re: Question about the Army Reseves
Posted by 74Bravo on 9/20/2002, 3:20 am , in reply to "Question about the Army Reseves"
First things sure your supportive when talking/writing to him...he'll be tired, and under be someone who can listen and be proud he chose to help defend our freedoms... now... After Basic, he'll goto AIT (less he's a split option). Once in AIT, and depending on the base, as well as his Chain of Command, he will likely be able to leave the base after the first few weeks there...however, this is not a pass to come home. I believe IIRC while at AIT in Ft Gordon, we were not allowed to go beyond 150 miles without obtaining a pass...and they requested that we try to stay closer (ie: they pay for the housing, food, and clothes..why not stay on base). After AIT (if he is active duty) he will PCS (perm. Change of Station). There _may_ be time for him to come home prior to heading off to his new permenent party, however, this is often a very quick trip to gather the esentials to have with them. If they are NG/Reserves, I believe they return home and then perform monthly weekend drills, with a 2 week drill per year. Hopefully someone can fill in the holes that I am sure I have left, and correct any errant information that I may have included. Again, support his decission to protect our freedoms, 74Bravo

Re: Question about the Army Reseves
Posted by Armyguysgirl on 9/20/2002, 3:33 am , in reply to "Re: Question about the Army Reseves"
Hi hi again, Yea hes in the reserves so he has a choice to goto school or come home? He said he has weekend training how often is it once a month? I didn't get to talk to him much bout it. Thanks for the info. =)

Re: Question about the Army Reseves
Posted by 74Bravo on 9/20/2002, 4:54 am , in reply to "Re: Question about the Army Reseves"
1 weekend a month and 2 weeks of active duty a year. 74Bravo

Promotion for College
Posted by Mike on 9/20/2002, 2:24 am
I ship next Thursday and my college has STILL not sent me my transcripts. What if I do not have them by the time I go to BCT? Will it be possible to get my promotion (to E-3) if I receiv my transcripts while at Ft. Knox? Or will I have to wait for my first duty station? Or am I SOL? I don't care only about the money; I just don't want to start my career as a "slick sleeve"

Re: Promotion for College
Posted by Angela on 9/20/2002, 10:15 am , in reply to "Promotion for College"
Good luck on BCT this thursday. I will say this that I don't think you will be SOL. Unfortunately to me it seems that it might take time and if you do go into BCT as a PVT you will eventually get PFC once the transcripts go through and you will get back pay for the difference in pay between a PVT and PFC. Good luck! 

barrack question
Posted by curious_army on 9/21/2002, 9:46 am
This may sound silly, but after lights out, if you wake up and need to use the restroom, are you allowed?

Re: barrack question
Posted by Angela on 9/21/2002, 2:06 pm , in reply to "barrack question"
Of course

Posted by Angela on 9/21/2002, 2:08 pm
I have heard many recruits mention flashlights and using them after lights out. So do we get issued a military flashlight or would I need to buy one? I mean it's not just to use after lights out but for other things too. Thanks.

Re: Flashlights
Posted by 74Bravo on 9/21/2002, 6:32 pm , in reply to "Flashlights"
You will be issued a road light if your are a road guard, however, I would recommend and stress that having a Mini-Mag (2 AA version), get the lens kit while your at it. When you go to the PX for the first time, get the Angle head OD Green flashlight (comes with lens, and a spare bulb in the butt end, under the battery spring, however, buy a pack of spare bulbs (try to see if they have the new LED replacements for this light as they use less battery juice, and are generally brighter). Those are the only 2 I would buy...but be warned...using them to light up your paper for writing letters is generally Bad(tm)..however, you will find out your platoons rules when you get to your training company. 74Bravo

PT Frustration
Posted by Romulusguy on 9/21/2002, 4:55 pm
Hey All...i enlisted in the National Guard about 2 and a half months ago. I have been running consistantly almost every day since then, building up my stamina, as I am not an atheletic person. As of today, I can run about 2 miles consistantly, at a moderate pace, and have my one mile run down to 9:45 seconds, which im trying to improve to 8:30.I also work on pushups and situps, and am able to do about 30 pishups to the point of muscle failure and can do about 50 sit ups.Heres my problem:I went to m first drill today, and they smoked the hell out of all of us. We did a BILLION push ups, diamond pushups, wide pushups, rock climging, a bucnh of variations on situps, etc. After 2 months of training, I was very worried about my performance. We never stopped. After doing an exercizse, wed run in place and start another one, for about an hour. Many people uquit, but I didnt want to. I admit, I cheated a lot towards the end, and rested when the Sgt's were looking away.I have about 2 weeks before I leave, and Im afraid when i get to basic, I'm going to get twice what I got today, and not be able to do it! I was so smoked, I was seriousley thinking of ways to get out of my contract (Something i pushed out of my mind, I WANT this, i have to keep reminding myself).It really frusterated me, and I needed to vent. I wish I had known about the kind of smoking I was going to get MONTHS ago, so I could be doing THAT daily, and notr just running, push-up's, sit-ups, and a few weight training exercises.-PFC McAfee

Re: PT Frustration
Posted by Angela on 9/21/2002, 9:19 pm , in reply to "PT Frustration"
Okay, take a deep breath, calm down, first of all you are doing great, you have shown dedication to doing PT that I envy. I have not being doing my push-ups or sit-ups. But it's definitely not a good idea to get smoked before BCT well at least not alot, otherwise what will the DS's do for fun?  Anyways keep your chin up, you made a good decision, and you will surprise yourself and be very proud and happy once you finish BCT. And don't forget you didn't quit when you got smoked you've got stamina you'll do just fine in basic.

Re: PT Frustration
Posted by RT on 9/22/2002, 10:13 am , in reply to "PT Frustration"
Romulusguy, You will do just fine! Think how much ahead you are of the average recruit, especially mentally! You've already been exposed to concepts you'll be seeing in BT with your NG unit, and it won't be a total shock for you! Plus you have been doing regular physical activity for almost three months (plus, you've also read up on what to expect)! Again, you'll be ahead of the others. Remember that BT will be hard, but that's all a part of the's natural to get "cold feet" a few weeks out. I am confident that you will do well:-))

Wedding ring at Basic?
Posted by curious on 9/22/2002, 7:38 pm
I know this is a dumb question but I wanted to know if you could wear your wedding band during basic? Also if anybody knows what AIT at Ft Sam Houston is like. Also I am going in as an E-4 prior service. Will I get it any worse at basic because of that. Thanks..........

Re: Wedding ring at Basic?
Posted by Angela on 9/22/2002, 8:00 pm , in reply to "Wedding ring at Basic?"
I wish I knew about the wedding ring, I don't sorry. But as for getting it worse because you're coming in as a prior service and E-4 I would say you will mostly be heaped with more responsibility and be expected to act more mature. Plus there is a possibility that you will be picked for leadership positions due to your age, rank, and prior service, but alot of places don't let you wear your rank till graduation so the biggest emphasis is on age and your prior service, but don't mind me because I have yet to go to BCT, most of this is what I have gleamed from this website. Good luck! 

Re: Wedding ring at Basic?
Posted by 74Bravo on 9/23/2002, 4:39 am , in reply to "Re: Wedding ring at Basic?"
When I went through BCT at Ft. Jackson in 1992, recruits were allowed, however strongly urged to not wear their wedding ring, or bands. Reason given was they were concerned that it may get banged up a bit, scratched, lost settings, etc...however, they also noted that you could have it secured in the company safe (in the commanders office) for safe keeping while in training, and that if you decided as time went on you wanted it back to wear, you simply had to ask, and you would get it back without any grief. As for the prior will as Angela noted likely be looked to to take on a position of leadership. Be it platoon guide or squad leader. Your Drills will have access to see you were a prior, so when asked simply state it...but when (and as we all know you will..knowingly or not) are ate up, expect to get smoked just like everyone else.  In any case...HOOAH!! 74Bravo

PT tests
Posted by AG on 9/22/2002, 10:36 pm
On your first PT test are you allowed to walk if you can't run anymore?

Re: PT tests
Posted by 74Bravo on 9/23/2002, 4:33 am , in reply to "PT tests"
Are you talking about the PT test at R&P? if so, I have no idea how you would complete the 1 miler in under 8m30s if you did. If your talking about your first diagnostic PT test at your training command, then yes...HOWEVER...I would only walk if you were to the point of falling over and faceplanting from exhaustion. The idea of these diagnostic PT tests is to see where each soldier stands, and where the drill sgt's. need to take the extra time to work with the recruits. I would give your all in all areas of the diag. PT tests...this will help you as well as your instructers to make sure you are 100% ( only need 50% on each part of the PT test) to be able to score (at least) 150 points on your graduating PT test...also, it's been said in the past that should you become unable to compete in your final PT test, they can sometimes take an earlier test and use that. Give it your all, 74Bravo

Weekend drills with NG
Posted by ROJO on 9/23/2002, 12:21 pm
How soon after you go through MEPS can you start drilling with your National Guard unit?

Re: Weekend drills with NG
Posted by RAM on 9/23/2002, 2:07 pm , in reply to "Weekend drills with NG"
As soon as your urinalysis results come back: usually one to two weeks.

Re: Weekend drills with NG
Posted by Tom Byrne on 9/23/2002, 9:00 pm , in reply to "Re: Weekend drills with NG"
I went through MEPS las week and they want me at this coming week end drill. I won't even have my BDU's by then. Feel funny drilling when I don't go to Basic until March.

Re: Weekend drills with NG
Posted by Tom Byrne on 9/23/2002, 9:15 pm , in reply to "Re: Weekend drills with NG"
I general what does the typical weekend drill consist of. I will be with Troop I 104th Cav. PA Guard

Re: Weekend drills with NG
Posted by RAM on 9/23/2002, 11:39 pm , in reply to "Re: Weekend drills with NG"
Talk to your RRNCO about seeing your unit's supply sergeant, and he will put in an order for your BDU's. Every state has different procedures for Rev64s ( soldiers drilling who haven't been to BT yet ). I don't know how they do things in the PA Guard. I am a 19D in the 278th ACR, HHT, in Tennessee. The drills that I have been to are somewhat lax. You will be assigned a sponsor, who is a lower-level enlisted soldier who will show you around, intoduce you to your chain of command, ect. You will probably do some PT, be given some basic military orientation, and learn some MOS-related stuff ( doing maintenence checks on bradleys and hummers, cleaning them, ect.) I have been told by people I know serving in line units ( what you are assigned to) that the orientation was a little more like boot camp, but again, that is with my unit, and it could be different with yours.

Re: Weekend drills with NG
Posted by PVT2MA on 9/24/2002, 5:45 am , in reply to "Re: Weekend drills with NG"
I started drills the following month. However, in Massachusetts you don't go to your unit to for drills prior to basic and ait. instead, every person in the MA NG who hasn't been to basic goes to pre-basic training together. because we have no knowledge/training of our MOS's, they want to keep us busy without wasting tax $$. Otherwise, if we worked at our units...we would be filing paperwork, and doing odd jobs to keep us busy. Instead, once a month a pre-basic we learn skills to help us out for basic: land navigation, rifle simulation, rapelling, making bunks, formation, etc. THEN, when we get back from basic and AIT, we go work with our units. I think all states should look into this. Kinda off subject, but hey, it's a message board 

(no subject)
Posted by mrwill on 9/23/2002, 12:47 pm
My first year tour-of-duty will be Korea. I was told that it is considered a "hardship tour" because you can't bring family there. I am single and don't have family to bring. But, I was told that I still get the same treatment. Also, I was told that after the year, I can choos my location because of the "hardship". Is this accurate or am I not reading enough between the lines? Thank you in advance for your help.

Re: (no subject)
Posted by RT on 9/24/2002, 9:03 am , in reply to "(no subject)"
Yes, usually you are allowed a station of choice after a hardship tour such as Korea. You do have to remember though, you can't just pick whatever. There has to be an open slot for your MOS there, and don't even pick a post that does not have a unit with your MOS:-))

Weekend Pass during AIT
Posted by Tara on 9/24/2002, 8:34 am
How difficult is it to get a weekend pass during AIT? A good friend of mine asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, to be held Labor Day weekend 2003. I'm hoping to be at Ft. Huachuca at that time. Since it's a federal holiday weekend, will that make any difference? I wanted to reassure her that I'll be able to get to the wedding. Thanks,Tara

Re: Weekend Pass during AIT
Posted by Angela on 9/24/2002, 8:48 am , in reply to "Weekend Pass during AIT"
It all depends, but is the wedding close to when you started AIT or towards the middle, end? Plus how far away is the wedding? I hear that some AIT's don't want to let us go any further than 150 miles away, but at the same time I think there is a possibility to earn the right to go farther. I would definitely ask a professional, maybe RT or your recruiter. Good luck!

Re: Weekend Pass during AIT
Posted by RT on 9/24/2002, 9:00 am , in reply to "Weekend Pass during AIT"
You're going to be out of luck if the wedding is not in the immediate area, and even then you wouldn't be guaranteed in getting a pass for that particular weekend (ie your platoon could get in trouble, you could get in trouble, or there could be some kind of detail, etc..). Most AITs have a certain radius you cannot go out of...plane/bus/train travel, forget it completely! Send your friend your best wishes and apologize for not being able to come (I've missed many a wedding of my friends due to schools and duty).

Sick in A.I.T.
Posted by Mary on 9/24/2002, 10:52 am
Hey everyone, haven't been here in a while. Some bad news, my son had pneumonia and was in the hospital for a while. He was on medication but still complains of feeling very ill. If he comes home for rest, are chances good that he can pick up where he left off? (AIT) It's been about 2 months so far and has about 4 months AIT.Thanks for any input.

Re: Sick in A.I.T.
Posted by RT on 9/24/2002, 5:18 pm , in reply to "Sick in A.I.T."
Sorry to hear about your son! It can be a real drag getting sick or hurt during training, but it is good that your son is being taken care of. If he just can't shake his illness, it is possible that his commander will let him come home to recuperate (at his expense though). I don't know how sick he is, so I can't say for sure if this is even a possiblity. Depending on how smart (ie fast learner) he is and how much he'll miss, it's a possiblity he'll be able to pick up where he left off if there will be an opening in an AIT class that is behind his...if not, he may be out of all depends on his MOS, how much technical know-how is required, how many AITs they have a year, etc...Also, if too much time goes by, he'll have to start over. If he can, I would encourage him to stick it out if he is already halfway thru...he'll have a chance to take leave between AIT and his first duty station...I know this is hard being a mom (I'm one myself), but as long as you feel confident that he's being taken care of medically, he should be okay. Let us know how things go. You might want to talk to his commander just to get a feel of what is going on..nothing wrong with calling.

Posted by AG on 9/25/2002, 8:07 am
What would happen if you had an injury(like an ankle injury) that needed time to heal, so you could not make it to Basic? Would they push your ship out date back to give you time to heal? Or would that be the end of your contract? Thanks,

Re: injury
Posted by RT on 9/25/2002, 8:23 am , in reply to "injury"
Usually what will happen is that your ship date will just be moved back. Just make sure to let your recruiter know as soon as possible, and if you are truly hurt, don't try to be "tough" and ship anyway. I've had recruits in agony and limbo, cause they did this, thinking they would just "ride out" the pain. A few ended up as a holdover (waiting to recuperate and not training, but still in the BT sucked). Usually, being a holdover for so long really beats down your morale and positive attitude and a few ended up being discharged from the Army under the ELS Discharge. So, if possible, set yourself up for success, before you go!

Re: injury
Posted by AG on 9/25/2002, 8:38 am , in reply to "Re: injury"
Thanks for the info.....I have a doctor appointment on Thursday. I am hoping he tells me to just say off it for a few weeks......but it really puts a hault to the progress I was making with my running....8 weeks left before I ship, I hope I come out okay!

a plethera of questions.
Posted by Sean on 9/25/2002, 11:22 am
Just need to clarify a few things. I leave for fort benning on nov 12 and had a few questions. Some are very trivial. Ok first of all a privacy issue. I was raised to be a very modest person, and in highschool I played baseball and had to share a communal shower with a bunch of guys which was unnerving. Is basic the same way? Also I wear contacts and am aware that I cannot wear them in basic, but how about for graduation day and then ait? Also are electronic toothbrushes allowed? Have not used a regular one in years. Also will there be leave after ait? And if there is how long? Do you still get that leave if you go home for christmas? Also could someone give a brief synopsis of ait for infantry as compared to regular basic. Thanks alot.

Re: a plethera of questions.
Posted by RAM on 9/25/2002, 11:43 pm , in reply to "a plethera of questions."
You will be in a communal shower that has less shower heads than people in the shower. You will not be allowed to wear your contacts- you will be issued ugly-ass army glasses. You will not be allowed to take leave from infantry OSUT: there is no break between BCT and AIT. If you take Christmas Leave, the leave points will be taken away from you, and you will not be able to take leave again untill you earn the days back at a rate of 2.5 per month in the Army, including the time below 0 days, since will not have earned enough leave days to cover Christmas Exodus. I would bring a low-tech toothbrush: outlets and batteries are hard to come across in BT land.In OSUT, reguardless of MOS, BCT/AIT periods are irrelevant: think of it as 13 weeks of basic, with the same drill sergeants and same company. If you elect not to go on Christmas Exodus, you can arrange to get leave shortly after reporting to your first duty station, depending on the unit's schedule.

How much do you actually get paid?
Posted by curious on 9/25/2002, 1:55 pm
I am currently in college and have recently joined the Army reserves. I still have yet to go to basic training. I was just wondering how much do I actually get paid? I understand that with the SLRP I can repay $10,000 worth of loans and then my recruiter said I will have 75% of tuition assistance. I was looking at the pay rate and it only says that I can have somewhere around $9792 which is paid in monthly installments of $272 a month. That only makes THREE years. I am going to be in school for at least another 4 years. I know that there's a kicker of $100 per month and that I get paid for weekend drill, but what happens when this $9792 is finished and I still have more school to pay for?

Re: How much do you actually get paid?
Posted by Nicole on 9/25/2002, 6:52 pm , in reply to "How much do you actually get paid?"
I have not left for basic training so I haven't received any money from the Army for college yet, but I did a *LOT* of research about educational benefits before signing my contract with the reserves. I will help you as much as I can and hope that all of the information that I give to you is correct. SLRP will pay up to $10,000 in student loans. I am assuming since you mentioned SLRP that you have the bonus in your contract, but I want to make clear that SLRP is a bonus given only to certain MOSs. SLRP will pay 15% of the loan amount or $1,500 a year, whichever is greater. I do not have the regulations in front of me but there is a requirement that you have a certain amount of time left in service in order to receive the money. I believe the requirement is approximately one or two years. I am not sure if that one or two years must be active drilling or if it can be in IRR. SLRP will also only pay off certain loans. These loans are the most common federal loans such as the Perkins or Stafford loans. Try searching Yahoo and you should be able to find the exact regulations on SLRP. The 75% tuition assistance and the $272 a month payment are two separate educational benefits. Tuition assistance pays the school directly. Unless you go to a very inexpensive college, tuition assistance will not even come close to paying 75% of your tuition. There are caps on the amount of money that you can receive. The caps are as follows: $187.50 a semester hour, $125 a quarter hour, and a maximum payment of $3500 a year. As an example, if you take 16 semester hours a semester than tuition assistance will pay the school $3000 for that semester. If you take another 16 semester hours within the same year than tuition assistance will only pay the school $500. The good thing about tuition assistance is that it will pay for tuition as long as you are in the military. It will pay for both undergraduate and graduate courses, except law courses. ***BEWARE*** Tuition assistance often runs out of money. There is a certain amount of money allocated by the federal government each year and once that money has been used there is no more tuition assistance. I know that they ran out of money by March this year. The fiscal year, for the military, starts in October so the maximum amount of time that tuition assistance was available was six months. However, if they run out of money, still submit your paperwork because more money is sometimes allocated later in the year. That money is available on a first come, first serve basis. The $272 a month is from the Montgomery GI Bill. Since you have a $100 kicker, I am assuming that is also in your contract as it is a bonus that only applies to certain MOSs, you would receive $372 a month for a maximum of 36 months. If you are a full-time student, you receive $372 for nine months a year for four years. After 36 months you will no longer receive the money. By the way, this money is paid directly to you. OK, that was very long. I hope that the information was helpful.

MOS 31S bases
Posted by mrwill on 9/25/2002, 2:49 pm
RT, in a previous message thread you had mentioned that you had a link to bases around the world on the "Housing" page. I couldn't find any links there and I am having trouble finding Korean and US Army bases that have 31S MOS positions. I am trying to plan for the future and define what bases I might have an opportunity to get a position at. My first year assignment will be in Korea, after that it is back to America, Colorado I hope, so that I can try and get back into school. Thanks for your help. Have a good day.

Re: MOS 31S bases
Posted by RT on 9/26/2002, 9:41 am , in reply to "MOS 31S bases"
Sorry, the military installations link was under "Getting what you want in your contract"..will probably need to put a link under housing too. According to the assignment priorities for 31S at PERSCOM (they manage where you go, among other things), here's what they say their priorities are for assigning 31S 31S - Satellite Communications Systems Operator-Maintainer RANK CONUS and OCONUS (overseas) PVT - SPC Huachuca, Gordon, Bragg Korea, Germany, Kuwait SGT Recruiter, Huachuca, Bragg Germany, Korea SSG Gordon, Recruiter, Bragg Korea, Germany SFC Gordon Korea, Germany So, if you pick a stateside assignment they'll most likely send you to Huachuca, Gordon or Bragg. If you pick overseas, you'll get Korea, Germany or Kuwait, and the priorities are in that order. You can always go to the Military installations link and see what other posts interest you, but chances are probably slim that you'd be able to pick something else. I suggest you also always stay on top of what is at the Signal Corps website at PERSCOM, see below:
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Posted by mrwill on 9/26/2002, 10:00 am , in reply to "Re: MOS 31S bases"
Thanks RT, I will check out the websites now. I have me first station of choice in Korea, it is in my contract. I did some research and found a likely candidate to be the 1st Signal Brigade. After my year in Korea, I would like to come back to the US and return to school, so I am trying to plan ahead and find bases with this MOS near a school I want to attend. These links should help. Have a good day.

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Oh, forgot that you already had your first assignment..Korea. In that case, you'd probably be able to pick just about any post in the US that has 31S. I'm trying to think where I have seen Satellite Commo guys. I would think ANY brigade level unit (in any MOS) would have these. Most brigades do have satellite commo. Look for posts that have units that are least brigade or higher. Unfortunately, you won't find any website that lists what unit has what MOSs, that would compromise what we call OPSEC (Operational Security).

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Thanks RT, understood about OPSEC. I will look for brigade units, hopefully there are plenty where I can find a school to attend. This is the best meaasge board for information and help. Have a good day.

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One other thing..I'm not sure how they show units at the installations site, but you will find brigades in division size if you find the 1st Armored Divison for example, yes there will be 31S assigned there. They may or may not list the individual brigades. 31Ss can be found in Military Intelligence Battalions (yes, these are part of brigades and then divisions), so look for those...don't know if there are 31Ss outside of MI battalions though? I don't know if you are familiar with military organizations but from bottom to top you have:Crew/TeamSquadPlatoon or DetachmentCompany, Troop or BatteryBattalion or SquadronBrigade (or Group for Special Forces)DivisionCorps. Also remember, if you are not Airborne or Air Assault you cannot serve in those units (ie the 82nd Airborne Division).

Posted by AG on 9/25/2002, 2:59 pm
I am extreamly nervous about qualifying with the M16. My only experience with weapons is limited to the "SuperSoaker" squirt gun, I have never even shot a pellet gun. If I should not qualify the first time around.........will I have other chances to? Also say someone was pushed back a few weeks because they were injured, or failed something....will they have to do things they already passed over again? Thanks,

Rifle Marksmanship help
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Let me recommend, that if you have NEVER fired a weapon, PLEASE DO NOT go out and learn now! I can't tell you the number of new recruits we had who had only a basic familiarization with guns/rifles and they had to go and unlearn ALL their bad habits. If you can follow instructions and pay attention, then you'll do fine in BT. Please see my BRM page at this site, as there is some great advice on what you can do to prepare yourself (mainly your eyesight and eye dominance test). That's all you need to do for now! Before you actually qualify, you will go out to many ranges to practice, and practice and practice. If you are having trouble, the drills will give you more individualized attention..everyone will also get to shoot with an M16 simulator which helps the drills to understand (for those of you having trouble), why you are not hitting targets. If you don't pass the first try, you'll be out there all day trying, lots of opportunities, plus if you don't do well there, you'll go back again and again. We rarely had anyone not pass by graduation. If we did, we would try to work with them for two weeks and if that didn't work, they would be recycled back to a unit that was starting BRM...usually this person just did not get something that was taught the first time and it will finally click for them the second time around...if not, then they have no business in the Army (would you want that person as your battle buddy?) and Lord knows why they are not getting it. I think it's safe to say in that instance, they should find another career for themselves.

a couple of questions
Posted by Tara on 9/25/2002, 6:50 pm
Well, I finally got all my med records in order and I head back to MEPS on Friday morning. Here are the questions that I have, that if there isn't any direct answer to, any advice would be appreciated:1) If both my top choices of job are available, how does one pick? They are very similar (96B and 97B), and while I doubt they will both be open, I thought I may as well be prepared to choose just in case.2) Is there any website that you know of that tells what units have what MOSs? Not necessarily open, but just have them.3) Is there anywhere that give descriptions of single soldier barracks at particular bases? I can find a ton on info on family housing, but not much on that for single soldiers (like me!) Thanks for any and all help,Tara

Re: a couple of questions
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Simply tell the Career Counselor which MOS you want if they are both open. RT has link to from the Army installations heading that can tell you what major units are at what base. You most likely won't be able to choose your first duty station if you are guarunteed an MOS. For females in brainy MOSs, most installations will have accomodations similar to college dorms (two people to a room, with either communal showers on each floor, or bathrooms split between two rooms).

Single soldiers barracks are supposed to look like this...
Posted by RT on 9/26/2002, 10:02 am , in reply to "a couple of questions"
RAM gave some good advice. I know this is propaganda, but Go Army does have a link showing you what the newer single soldier barracks look like. See below. With that being said, that is the Army goal (don't know by when this is supposed to be realized though). Barracks upgrades are an ongoing thing, so I couldn't tell you off hand which ones have been renovated and which ones haven't (just by what I've seen). I think you will find not too many typical old barracks with rooms shared by more than two soldiers with a bathroom down the hall and no kitchenette. I've seen more and more posts where they have dorm-style rooms as described in the link below. I also suggest you go visit your Branch online at PERSCOM, there is a Mrs. White who manages assignments for PVT-SPC. I couldn't find where they assign PVT-SPCs..they say on the site it changes every week, so I guess there are a lot of opportunities. Visit: 96B 97B

Posted by Kataratos on 9/26/2002, 1:10 pm
Hey, for those of you who know about my situation...some good news! I got a call from a SGT who works in the IG's office at Ft. Jackson. They got the packet I sent them (46 pages 10 pt. font...single spaced...detailing everything that has anything to do with my discharge and the regulations that I broke and they broke...) The Sgt. said that they were going to investigate it and that I should hear something in 3-6 weeks. Hopefully it'll do some good. Even if they can't help me get back in, maybe they can keep the same thing from happening to other soldiers. Also, I'm setting up an appoitment to speak with my state representative. I have a CO for a National Guard unit helping me over the internet. He said that since I was national Guard the state rep. could do more good to help me. He's sent me several forms. And given me very detailed (3 page email) instructions on exactly what information/papers to take with, what to say, and what to do. If any of you pray...please be praying that God will help me get back in if it's his will...if you don't pray...please keep your fingers crossed for me...

Re: IG
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Kat, I admire your determination! It looks like your hard work is getting your case somewhere. Thanks on the Nat Guard tip..I hadn't thought of that for you Guardsmen out there...good to know if there are problems. Let us know how things turn out. Maybe you can write up a quick page on what to do for folks in a similar situation (ie who feel they were chaptered out prematurely and illegally).

Question about base priority?
Posted by cece on 9/26/2002, 1:10 pm
Below is a post about the MOS 31S bases, where you would likely be stationed. How can you find out that information for the Health care fields? For example 91V and 91X?

Re: Question about base priority?
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YOu can check out Health Services at PERSCOM at the link below...gee, they don't take a lot of time working on their pages! I know every military hospital has respiratory specialists and mental health specialists, so basically wherever there is a military hospital, that is where you could go..most posts do have a could conceivably go anywhere! Check the Military Installations link under "Getting what you want in your contract" to see the different posts. It'll give you links also if that post has a hospital.

Highly suggest taking a visit to your branch online at PERSCOM
Posted by RT on 9/26/2002, 2:07 pm
I've had a few folks ask about where they would most likely be stationed, what's going on in their career field, etc. The best place to stay in touch with the folks who make these decisions, as well as the latest news on your MOSs and your career field, please do go visit the PERSCOM Online website, Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate. Follow the link below, then look over to your left to find your branch. All MOSs fit into a branch and you can probably figure it out by clicking on one or two if you can't immediately see where your MOS fits in.

getting reacquainted
Posted by Shannon on 9/26/2002, 11:31 pm
My boyfriend is training through Christmas, but gets to come home for the holiday and then goes right back to AIT to finish the 17th of Jan. How weird is it to see a newly trained soldier for the first time in months? How do I ease the transition for us both? Also, what will happen at the end of AIT? Does he immediately get shipped to his active duty or will he get some time off?

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Posted by RT on 9/27/2002, 8:08 am , in reply to "getting reacquainted"
It will depend on how long your BF was in training before coming home for Xmas. I've had parents say they were totally astounded at the level of maturity and confidence (and just the way they carried themselves) of their children. Make sure he keeps doing his physical fitness when he comes home (some tend to sit around and slack off), and tell him to stay out of trouble (drugs, alcohol, etc). Because your BF is taking leave (which he hasn't accumulated yet) for Xmas, he will be "in the hole" with his leave (you earn 2.5 days for every month you are in the Army), he may only have a short time home between BT and AIT, so don't expect a long vacation!

GI home loan certificate
Posted by mrwill on 9/27/2002, 7:11 am
I was reading a posting from August and someone mentioned a GI home loan certificate. Can anyone tell me something about this program and what the qualifications are? It sounds like an excellent benefit and I am definitely interested in finding out more about it. Thanks for the info. Have a good day.

Re: GI home loan certificate
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More info below: