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Location of Basic Training Posts

You've probably started wondering where you will conduct your basic training.  See below for the locations of all the basic training posts.  Each post's site will have specific basic training information regarding that post, so I suggest stopping by for a visit when you know where you're going.

Many recruits-to-be frequently ask if they can pick which post they want to go to.  Usually, you'll get sent whereever there's a slot's pretty much mathematical.  I have heard of some new recruits who knew of a basic training start date (by using the ATRSS website), and specifically asking for that date at that post.  Some recruits will also just let their recruiter know which one they prefer, and are granted that wish.  It won't hurt to ask but don't expect to get what you ask for.

If you are female, you will be going to either Ft Leonard Wood, Ft Jackson or Ft Sill, the only posts that have gender integrated training.  Ft Sill just recently opened up to females a few years ago.  With that being said, I have yet to meet a female who graduated from Ft Sill (so don't know if this is still in effect).   If you are male, conceivably you could go to any of the posts, with most Combat Arms soldiers (ie mostly Infantry) going to Ft Benning.

Many folks are always asking which post is the easiest or hardest.  All BT posts follow the exact same curriculum, so you'll get the same training.  Because Benning has male drill sergeants and all male companies, you may find that you are being pushed harder there, in particular with PT.  Many former recruits tell me that Benning is the most challenging of all the posts.  Ft Jackson has the nickname "Relaxin Jackson", but I have heard that recruits say it was no picnic either.  Again, it could all depend on which training company you get, as a lot of it will depend on your company's drill sergeants.

Please be sure to stop by the "What Is Basic Training" Page, as there are many diaries and letters home from soldiers in training at the different basic training posts.  There is also a diary of a BT soldier at Ft Knox who has taken the time to write about his airborne and Ranger Indoctrination Progam (RIP) training as well.  Diary links are also located here.

Follow the links to the different training brigades.  The Third Training Brigade exclusively does basic combat training.  Click on the links to explore basic training info and information on the various training battalions (that make up the brigade).  Also the home of the Engineer, Chemical and Military Police Schools for AIT.  

An overview of your nine weeks, a typical day, a packing list, FAQs, the Army Core Values and graduation information.  Some photos also.  Do not forget to stop by the reception battalion, your first stop when you arrive at your basic training post.   In particular, you will find out what happens when you DO NOT pass your first physical fitness assessment, OR if you get injured while in training and cannot train at the Fitness Training Company.  Most basic training posts have some type of similar program.  Recruits usually refer to these programs as "Fat Camps".  There was also a discussion on about
"Ft Jackson Basic - Some Useful Info"
.  Be sure to check that out also.

Choose either 1st BN or 2nd BN 46th Inf on the right.  Not much to find at their websites, although you will find the graduation schedules.  There you will find unit histories, a basic training overview, a packing list and a few other things.  Ft Knox is also the Home of Armor.  The Cavalry Scouts Website also has good info and message boards.  Another good site is Scott Stalker's 19K OSUT Site.

Their basic training center website.  Follow the links to the battalions, graduation dates, the drill sergeant creed, a packing list, a photo album, Q&A, Army Values and a variety of other information.  This is also the home for Field Artillery.   Please be sure to read the OSUT (One Station Unit Training) account
from Ft Sill.

Basic information on the training brigade and its battalions, with introductions to its leaders.  Page down and you will also find a packing list, basic training overview, graduation requirements and graduations dates.  Home of the Infantry.  Infantry AIT is conducted here also in the Infantry Training Brigade.

Please note:  AIT posts are now located on the
AIT Page