Army Field Manuals and Regulations

I have listed the most common regulations and field manuals below that you will be dealing with in regards to BT.  It's important as a new soldier to know where to go to get the answers you need.  Some of these links do frequently change.  If you run across one that does not work, please do let me know.  You should still be able to find the regulation by going to
and typing in the regulation number.  See below:

Everything you need to know about Army physical fitness and the fitness test.

Have you weighed yourself and are over the standards to enlist?  Use the tape test on page 18 to figure out if you still fall within the body fat standards to enlist.

Contains everything you will be taught in basic training.

TRADOC stands for Training and Doctrine Command.  This regulation prescribes policies and procedures for the conduct of enlisted Initial Entry Training.  Many concepts are covered here.  Some include training schedules, training records, makeup training, on-the-job training, early arrivals, medical/dental treatment, prevention of cold and hot weather injuries, competitions and awards, and split option training to name a few!

Some of you may already be participating in drills with your National Guard or Reserve unit.  I get quite a few questions on what is acceptable to wear, when to wear what and on how to wear your uniform (as well as things such as mustaches and personal appearance).  You can find all the answers here in this regulation.

The Delayed Entry Program is a program where you can enlist now and a place will be reserved for your training, up to a year.  So in this timeframe you can finish your education, get ready for basic training or work on your first promotion.  AR 601-95 is an Army regulation that covers this program.  It covers all the policies and procedures of managine DEP enlistees from the time of enlistment until you enter the regular Army or get to your Reserve or Guard unit.  Some sections you may be interested in include awards and incentives, the correspondence course program, pre-basic training tasks, prohibited activities, and the procedures for cancellation and request for discharge procedures.

Info on timelines of when you are eligible to be promoted through the ranks.  Also policies and procedures for all enlisted promotions (as well as reductions, ie getting rank taken away!).

This is a recruiting publication that shows your recruiter the procedures for how to request a waiver and how to separate someone who wants to separate from the Delayed Entry Program (DEP).  It also covers how to deal with void enlistments.

Find out in detail what you will be doing at MEPS.  You'll also find the oath of enlistment, testing and medical procedures, plus waiver information.

Here you will find everything you need to know about enlisting, in detail.  You'll find the qualifications for enlistment, waiver and non-waiver enlistment requirements, how applicants are processed (ASVAB, medical, DEP, etc), MEPS processing, enlistment programs and options, as well as information on the ROTC Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP).

Search here for any TRADOC publication.  Your basic training and AIT units are all a part of the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC).  You'll find many policies and procedures here.

Click on "Library" and you will find a drop-down menu that  lists many different types of manuals to include field manuals, training circulars, mission training manuals, soldier training manuals, technical manuals, administrative pubs, etc.  If you want to know more about a certain MOS, check out the soldier manuals or you could pick your branch under "school".  Unfortunately, many of the manuals are password protected, but it is worth a look.

You will find most of the Army Regulations as well as TRADOC Regulations here.

MILPER messages were designed to provide a quick, efficient means to impart new procedural guidance and information to the field user, pending a revision/update to the applicable Army Regulation.  MILPER Messages and memorandums have a two-year expiration date.   Not only will you find the latest updates to regulations, but this is also where you find the latest enlistment bonus info.

Here you can find the actual Army forms you will run into being in the military (Dept of the Army Forms, which start with DA).  You can find a copy of an Enlistment Contract at the Dept of Defense Forms website (these start with DD).  Other DD Forms can be accessed here.

If you are curious as to what training your MOS consists of, you can find the publications here online.

Find info at this site.

See the links to access these at this site.